The Healthy Giraffe – 3 Year Anniversary

The Healthy Giraffe is three years old! In some ways it seems like I have been at this for so long and other times it seems like yesterday. What is this you may ask? I wrote the purpose of The Healthy Giraffe just over three years ago…

The Purpose is to provide resources, support and community in an effort to live a healthy lifestyle. Take personal accountability for your health – no one else will. I have learned a lot of personal lessons in recent years…

The tagline, Add Health to Your Lifecan mean just about anything in the spirit of – when we add and continue to add healthy things in our lives, we move less desirable things out. This can be nutrition, fitness, relationships, how we spend our time, etc. So if it’s going out to walk once a day, running a block, a 5k, eating one more serving of fruit and/or veggies in a day – it’s about adding good (healthy) things in our lives, not missing what we think we are going to miss.

I have learned so much on my journey from living an unhealthy life to living a pretty darn healthy lifestyle now. I have so many people to thank for that. You can see more how my life transpired on the page – My Story.

To support the purpose, my commitment was to write a blog, “The Giraffe Paper,” once a week. I am proud I have stuck to this self made mandate, not missing a single Monday deadline in three years totaling 165 posts. I have written blogs spanning topics on nutrition, performance, the mind, our community and more…

It’s interesting looking at the web page metrics. It makes me feel good that some people either consider the content meaningful or entertaining to visit and hopefully come back. Some pretty cools statistics for 2020 include:

Also in support of the purpose and power of community, when I started I wanted to organize a monthly event, “The Healthy Giraffe Event,” where we would either gather at my home or go on a road trip to a local restaurant offering plant-based options. COVID-19 took havoc on this plan in 2020. Look for more creative things soon.

Pulling from a recap about these events from last year will give you a flavor if you have not attended one:

At the gatherings at my home we would usually watch a brief video on health, cook a healthy meal together (so much fun!!!), and then enjoy it. “Game Night” has been a fun addition to the events playing a game with a mix of learning on the theme of the night with fun random trivia. If you want to get a feel for one of the events, read my recap from the latest event, A Glorious Saturday Night Full of Life, hosted at Joel and Celia Dubey’s home. Thank goodness we had it there as we had 41 incredible people join on one fantastic night.

In 2020, the purpose will remain the same. I will continue the weekly blog and get back to monthly events as soon as it is safe. I think the Road Trips could be back sooner…stay tuned… Please send me ideas on things you would like me to cover and where we should go in the Tampa Bay area to try out healthy plant-based cuisine. I am also working on a website redesign where you will be able to find information much easier on topics of performance, nutrition, the mind, recipes, stories and more… I’m finally working up another idea that I will provide updates on in the near future… Exciting stuff…

Continuous learning is paramount to me. As I learn and share with you I hope to add value to your life and in some way – Add Health to Your Life. I know I have learned something from each and every person I have interacted with this year and it inspires me to continue on…

Thank you so much for an incredible three years!!!

Let’s keep this community building in a small way, big way, in your way –

– Add Health to Your Life

The one and only Healthy Giraffe Event that I could host inside…pre COVID-19.
What a team at Best Damn Race via Safety Harbor.
One of my favorite pictures of the year…discussing pre-race thoughts with Dan Radde and Dylan Nolan at Best Damn Race. They are FAST!
I love celebrating Dan’s accomplishments…another PR at Best Damn Race.
What a creative way to celebrate by Best Damn Race. Here I’m celebrating the Challenge Overall Win (10k/5k). I think the 2nd place gentleman was maybe out running the 1/2 marathon (kidding)? Final Best Damn Race photo…ha!
Gasparilla so much fun each year racing, coaching and cheering our team. Here with Dylan and Lauren Nolan.
Morgan’s first 1/2 Marathon at Gasparilla and she ran so fast!!!
The coaching and cheering part of Gasparilla with Coach and World Champion Celia Dubey. It was cold and by Celia’s reaction she may have been finished listening to me…
Got to run the Clay Loop in March…what a glorious run…thank you Dan Radde!
Father’s Day with Morgan to see Randall.
I spent countless hours cycling on the Courtney Campbell Causeway this year. I moved to Safety Harbor to benefit by the incredible triathlon training access and I am getting my money’s worth…
Beautiful run with Morgan in Blue Ridge, GA.
Oh my did I fail hard climbing Brasstown Bald but I wouldn’t change a thing via Blue Ridge, GA.
Sunday morning triathlon practice at Fred Howard Park with team!
This year was filled with “The Gloriousness Tuesday Night Ride” over the Courtney Campbell Causeway…
I advocated a lot this year with Switch4Good to make healthy changes to the US Dietary Committee’s guidelines for nutrition. This also helps to reduce animal cruelty and slaughter. I stop and sing to these cows when I’m riding in San Antonio. They love my voice…
One of the toughest men I know, Bob Brown, as we trained in San Antonio, FL doing the Trilby Loop (I LOVE the Trilby Loop = gets us strong!).
Spent many hours training and doing mock triathlons with team in Fort DeSoto. Every time we left we could all say, “I got better today.”
I love our Saturday morning run practices…
So happy to coach, train and race with this phenomenal human and Team USA teammate…Celia Dubey.
And another Saturday morning run…
And yet another Saturday morning run…
First race back in the fall at Siesta Key. Dylan won the overall Aqua Run and I won the Overall Duathlon. Thank you Lauren for all your cheering!
Final run at the Crystal River Duathlon this fall…
I love these guys. We push the heck out of each other making each of us better competitors and people! So lucky I have Jon Bass (overall winner) and Sean Keeny (3rd overall) as friends. Here in my final solo race of the year – The Great Floridian Triathlon (racing duathlon long distance).
A post season excursion to mentally get away. It’s intentional to step away from the competition for so many reasons and I did just that in my first trip to Key West after The Great Floridian race.
One beautiful sunset looking out on the Gulf of Mexico…I live in paradise…
Celebrating Lauren’s first 5k at Turkey Trot…and she was FAST!
What a cool experience racing the Men’s Triathlon Relay at Challenge Daytona. Here on the Daytona 500 track doing my thing on the bike.
Seamless transition at Challenge Daytona with Dylan grabbing the timing chip while I racked the bike…what a relay we had!!! A highlight of the year…
And here celebrating graciously with Dylan on the podium. Thank you Dylan for another amazing race to partner with you. We have been pretty potent….his swim and run were OUTSTANDING as we pulled away with an overall win.
So excited for Gail Hurn and Lauren getting ready for the swim in their first Triathlon at Top Gun. These are powerful women (mind – body – soul)!
I can’t tell you how excited I was to witness Lauren complete her first triathlon and icing on the cake…she won her age group…#shewaspreparedanddetermined
Post race at Top Gun celebrating our most incredible team!
Post long run on a cool December morning in Safety Harbor at Karma Juice Bar & Eatery with Morgan & Lauren.
Plant-based indulgences to super healthy meals… I LOVE it all!

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