The Healthy Giraffe Event – June 30

For the June 30 Healthy Giraffe Event, we are going 4th of July theme. We will make Vegan Burgers via The Happy Pear. They look epic as the pair would describe. We will also share potluck dinner mains, sides and desserts and then make a dessert...surprise. If you would like to make something else while... Continue Reading →

Community in Racing

When I launched the website over six months ago I stated in my purpose, "I am excited to launch this website to provide resources, support and community in an effort to live a healthy lifestyle." Today I'll discuss community and my observations of the racing world I have grown to love over the last four... Continue Reading →

Learning How To Cook

Can I cook? Some...I think so...not really...maybe? I've had a lot of fun learning how to make plant-based meals, snacks and desserts since going plant-based over two years ago. There are some things about cooking I know a lot about and other things I have no idea what I'm doing or what an ingredient is,... Continue Reading →

Trust, Belief, & Confidence (06.03.18)

This weekend I raced the Pineappleman Triathlon in Melbourne, FL. Two years ago at the very same race I had the worst triathlon finish and swim of my racing career. It wasn't the worst simply from a time or placement perspective, but the mental stranglehold I was under swimming in open water. I thought I... Continue Reading →

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