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The part of my life I am most proud of is being a dad to my beautiful 19 year-old daughter, Morgan. I am the youngest of three siblings living in Safety Harbor, FL. We lost our dad in 94′ to prostate cancer & mom to multiple issues in 13′. Losing them too early in their lives has sparked me to think about life in a different perspective. I try to live a healthy lifestyle and learn something new everyday.

Lots of changes in the last few years….
  • Oct 2013 – Lost my mom. Learned a lot about our health care system – bottom line is take control of your own health. Nobody is looking after you inside or outside the hospital. Also watch what you put in your mouth. Started my education about nutrition.
  • Late 2013 – Orthopedic Surgeon told me not to run anymore due to consistent pain in the knee when trying to run more than three miles – arthritis, surgery, and inflammation.
  • Spring 2014 – started cycling per Orthopedic Surgeon advice to take pressure off of the knee – no impact with cycling.
  • Dec 2014 – Primary Dr. told me I was on my way to a heart attack (crazy high cholesterol, high blood pressure) among other issues that my blood test revealed.
  • Jan 2015 – Consulted with Orthopedic Surgeon again regarding knee and continuing shoulder issues – three previous shoulder surgeries due to too much throwing in baseball/softball. Received green light to move forward swimming and running…began training for triathlons really hard but felt absolutely terrible. I reflected back to a couple of runs when I drank milk so I cut that out, then red meat….then other bad stuff…..started to feel better.
  • Summer and fall 2015 – Competed in triathlons & was performing well but didn’t feel great still.
  • Dec 2015 – Watched Fork Over Knives and introduced to The Rich Roll Podcast on nutrition and performance – GAME CHANGER!
  • Jan 15, 2016 – completely cut out the badness (dairy, meat, egg – animal products) I was putting in my body and now eat a whole food plant-based diet.
  • I lost 65 pounds during the process and have NEVER felt this good in my life. I stopped taking cholesterol medicine on my own and my diet (not drugs) has cut my cholesterol by more than half. My blood pressure went from high to athletic level. My weekly migraines have completely vanished. I cut out taking 12 pills a day. I have more energy than ever and just feel great! I also recover much faster between workouts due to inflammation from terrible foods eliminated. Carrying four less bowling balls has helped the knee too…no more issues…wow!!!
  • I’ve gone from performing pretty well to racing very competitively in both run and triathlon races and won my first overall triathlon in May, 2017 at the age of 48! No coincidence why – how I fuel my body. I have no doubt I have a competitive advantage over my competition due to nutrition. Of course there are other factors in racing but I feel this part sets me up for success.
  • Completed Cornell University – T. Colin Campbell’s Center for Nutrition Studies Plant-Based Certificate Program in 2017.
  • 2018 – will be completing a Certification Program in this field (more to come here….so excited!!!)
  • I am addicted to learning about living a healthier lifestyle and love to help others by sharing information, resources, recipes, best practices, worst practices (learn from) and ENERGY!

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