How Not to DieT

What a way to end the weekend that I'll share with you in this week's - The Giraffe Paper (TGP). I had the privilege to meet and listen to Dr. Michael Greger present at a wellness event in Ocala today. He delivered punch line after punch line on nutrition facts and lifestyle with fervor and... Continue Reading →

TGP (02.18.18) Preparation When Traveling

In this week's edition of The Giraffe Paper, I share some things to consider when traveling while maintaining focus on nutrition, performance and the mind. I traveled this weekend to Birmingham, AL to watch Morgan at the Conference USA Indoor Track and Field Championships and had to keep focus on these elements as I approach... Continue Reading →

The Giraffe Paper – 02.11.18

This was a week of transitions ending with the 2nd Healthy Giraffe event. I'll use the event for the Nutrition focus this week with transitions filling in the Performance and Mind elements. Nutrition The 2nd Healthy Giraffe event was really fun. What a great group of people to share a Saturday night. Read the blog... Continue Reading →

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