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I am excited to launch this website to provide resources, support and community in an effort to live a healthy lifestyle. Click on the blog title or picture above to read the entire blog.

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Is Eating Chicken Healthy?

When asked if consuming chicken is better than other (red) meat in the documentary, What the Health, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, responded with, "it's a question of whether you would rather be shot or hung." The link between consuming chicken and our leading causes of chronic illness and death are quite staggering. Today I will share... Continue Reading →

Training in the Cold

It was a blustery frigid morning in Tampa Bay Sunday. Well, I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather so a 50 degree morning with sustained 20 MPH winds for a run-ride-run along the Gulf of Mexico comes with some trepidation. Last year I made a concerted effort to train in cold and... Continue Reading →

How to Achieve Your Goals

If you Google "when do New Year's resolutions fail" you will see several stories including a popular one from U.S. News and World Report stating 80% fail by February and another by Strava sharing a specific date and it's worse...January 17 being the day people drop off. The U.S News and World Report story also... Continue Reading →

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