Dealing with Injury – I am Lucky

Dealing with an injury can be quite frustrating. It's not a question if you will get injured, it's when will you get injured and how to deal with the injury mentally and physically. Similar to the mental challenges training and competing present, managing through an injury is quite the mental conundrum. Today I will share my progress dealing... Continue Reading →

Get Better with Mocks

How do you know you are ready to take a test, fly a space shuttle, or compete in a triathlon? One of the best ways in addition to studying and practicing individual components is to simulate the experience as close as you can. If you are studying for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), the... Continue Reading →

Breakfast for Dinner Rocked!

Isn't having breakfast for dinner fun sometimes? Well that is what we did at the May edition of The Healthy Giraffe Event and we had a blast. It was a historic night as we set a record in attendance with 25 guests. That is 25 guests in the cozy Giraffe!!! I am humbled by... Continue Reading →

Suck it Up

It was a fun morning racing with the Total Fitness team and friends at the Dunedin Rotary Triathlon and Duathlon. It's a really fun event benefiting the local community located on beautiful Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, FL. I have participated in this event each year since competing in triathlon with this year being the first... Continue Reading →

Manufacturing a Silver Lining

We face adversity everyday in some manner. How we deal with it can either sink us or make us stronger. Today I'll share a few experiences with adversity I have been dealing with over the last few weeks and what I'm attempting to do to work through it. First of all let me share I've... Continue Reading →

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