Learning How To Cook

Can I cook? Some...I think so...not really...maybe? I've had a lot of fun learning how to make plant-based meals, snacks and desserts since going plant-based over two years ago. There are some things about cooking I know a lot about and other things I have no idea what I'm doing or what an ingredient is,... Continue Reading →

Trust, Belief, & Confidence (06.03.18)

This weekend I raced the Pineappleman Triathlon in Melbourne, FL. Two years ago at the very same race I had the worst triathlon finish and swim of my racing career. It wasn't the worst simply from a time or placement perspective, but the mental stranglehold I was under swimming in open water. I thought I... Continue Reading →

Training Inside vs. Outside

I recently listened to a podcast discussing the pros and cons of training inside vs. outside. I found myself relating to and agreeing to most everything the host shared. That host is Chris Hauth, former Olympic swimmer, elite triathlete, and now ultra endurance coach. He publishes a weekly podcast titled, The Weekly Word Podcast, where... Continue Reading →

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