Traveling Healthy in NYC

I love the opportunity of traveling healthy to another city and this weekend was to the Big Apple, New York City, where I packed in a tremendous amount of health for my mind, body, and soul. Here I share a life memory experience visiting my daughter, Morgan. Whenever I have traveled with or to see... Continue Reading →

I Love Coaching This Guy!

One of my greatest joys is seeing others accomplish their goals and today I was able to be there supporting one of my best friends and athlete I coach, Dan Radde, accomplishing his. Here I will share a few thoughts on why I love coaching this guy with some highlights from today. Dan and I... Continue Reading →

Friends Make Horrible Race Pretty Darn Good

Sunday was my worst duathlon race performance but racing with friends, sharing race experiences and life stories after made it a pretty darn good morning. Here I share my experience from the day spent in Sebring, Florida racing the Heartland Triathlon (Duathlon). I decided to race on this weekend for a few reasons. It was... Continue Reading →

The Healthy Giraffe Vegan Pancakes

There is an answer to making glorious pancakes minus animal products! My daughter, Morgan, was the first to turn me on to vegan pancakes and I've been on a quest to perfect my own since. Here I share the result of many experiments to come up with a fantastic and easy recipe combination. First, let's... Continue Reading →

The Slaughtering of Cows

We all know cows are killed prematurely to make hamburgers, steak, cheese and milk but do we know the cruelty they face in their existence and how they are slaughtered? It's really unbelievable... The fear shown in the cow's eyes and rampant body convulsions they undertake seeing what is ahead of them is one of... Continue Reading →

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