Forbidden Rice Bowl

Lauren and I had Forbidden Rice out a couple months ago and she was recreating dishes with it immediately. This dish has Forbidden Rice as the foundation and we used a rice cooker to prepare but you can also you the stove top. This has so much protein and fiber you will be fueled for... Continue Reading →

Heart Disease Remains #1 Killer

COVID-19 is no match for the death toll caused by cardiovascular disease (CVD) each year yet there isn't daily coverage and demand to fix the problem like there was/is for COVID-19. Why is that? Why didn't I know that CVD is preventable and in my control? COVID-19 just passed the one year mark this weekend... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Balls

This is Lauren and Alan's chocolate peanut butter version of an energy ball. It is packed with energy from natural (not processed) sugar attached to the fiber only found in plants. With this attachment to fiber the sugar is released like a slow release pill, avoiding sugar spikes. Enjoy and let us know what you... Continue Reading →

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