Pineapple Banana Power Smoothie

Try this refreshing delight packed with flavor, protein, carbs, fiber and less than 400 calories. Prior to going plant-based, I rarely had pineapple, never going out of my way to incorporate in anything. Now, I find it a refreshing treat that provides plenty of vitamin C and other valuable nutrients. I love my bananas and... Continue Reading →

Soy Fights Breast Cancer?

Over the years I have heard many ladies say they avoid Soy due to it being bad for breast cancer prevention or for those who currently have or had breast cancer. I've also received many alerts from my go-to education sources citing the opposite, that it prevents prior and post occurrence. Why is there this... Continue Reading →

You’re a Good Seed Energy Bar

Another Healthy Giraffe tasty experiment tweaked over and over resulted in a finished product I'm really pleased with this week. What I found I like most in an energy bar is when the primary ingredient are Dates. I have Larabars (date based) on hand all the time that I take with me on the go... Continue Reading →

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