The Key out of Key West

What do you do when you are in Key West, the key to your car doesn't work, and the dealer tells you it will be over a week before they can get you a new one? I was pondering answers to this last Monday morning during a short excursion to Key West. Here I will... Continue Reading →

A Commiserating Bond

I forged three pretty special bonds on Saturday competing in my final duathlon race of the year at the Great Floridian Triathlon via Clermont, Florida. Here I will share about what transpired in what I will call a brutally fantastic race and everything surrounding it. This race is one of the longest running multi-sport races... Continue Reading →

Let’s Beat Breast Cancer

I bet you know or knew someone who has or had breast cancer. I have lost friends and currently know several who are battling this horrific illness. The current risk for a woman to be diagnosed with breast cancer in America during their lifetime is 1 in 8 (13%). This is not the number one... Continue Reading →

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