Progress in 2nd South Florida Race

I competed in my second duathlon race of the season yesterday in Fort Lauderdale showing progress in overall fitness and gaps I need to close in preparation for the USAT Duathlon National Championships eight weeks away. Here I will share my experience racing the Olympic distance duathlon at the A1A Triathlon. I love racing in... Continue Reading →

Race Week Considerations

Race week is unlike other training weeks in so many ways. You may have executed a great training plan up to race week but if you don't make the necessary adjustments in the final week and sometimes two weeks leading up to a race you could face unnecessary challenges. Here I will share considerations for... Continue Reading →

Forbidden Rice Bowl

Lauren and I had Forbidden Rice out a couple months ago and she was recreating dishes with it immediately. This dish has Forbidden Rice as the foundation and we used a rice cooker to prepare but you can also you the stove top. This has so much protein and fiber you will be fueled for... Continue Reading →

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