Forbidden Rice Bowl

Lauren and I had Forbidden Rice out a couple months ago and she was recreating dishes with it immediately. This dish has Forbidden Rice as the foundation and we used a rice cooker to prepare but you can also you the stove top. This has so much protein and fiber you will be fueled for hours…35 grams each per serving the way we prepared.

Here are the ingredients we used and video to share how we prepared.

  • Forbidden Rice (steam as much as you need servings for and we used Engine 2 Vegetable Broth to give more flavor…Engine 2 has the lowest sodium content I have ever seen…big win!)
  • Sautéed – red onion to start for about 5 mins then added mushrooms, peppers, garlic powder, and sprinkled in Engine 2 Vegetable Broth when needed
  • Spinach/Arugula blend – add as much as you want to the bowl
  • Black Beans – rinse a can and use to liking
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Avocado sliced
  • Hot sauce and nuts toppings (optional)

– Add Health to Your Life

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