Practice Fueling Your Body

I was once told I was trying to outtrain my bad diet. That statement was 100% true. I've addressed my diet from an overall health perspective and now use it to my advantage fueling me in performance. Here I will share how I am preparing to fuel for my first long distance multi-sport race in... Continue Reading →

Focus on What You Can Control

"I don't remember throwing the transition bag over my shoulder when loading the car (Friday)..." That's what I thought to myself as I was going down the hotel elevator Saturday morning prior to the Crystal River Triathlon. Most importantly, the bag contained my helmet and shoes for the bike portion of the race. Today I'll... Continue Reading →

Cheese Really Sucks

What a fantastic evening at the latest Healthy Giraffe Event Saturday focused on why cheese and dairy is so bad for us while we made healthy alternatives to some typical favorite cheese dishes. We also ended the evening with Game Night to check our understanding of what we learned. After we gathered and made our formal... Continue Reading →

Reassessing Physical & Mental Status

Even though we have officially passed the Dog Days of Summer period the heat and humidity in Florida is still as potent as it was in July and August. At this point of the year it can be physically and mentally challenging completing workouts outside. It sometimes feels as if summer isn't anywhere near ending...... Continue Reading →

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