The Healthy Giraffe Vanilla Blue Juice

After approximately 323.97 hours (give or take a couple hundred) in The Healthy Giraffe's Kitchen Lab, I have perfected a simple and beautiful juice combination you can make in any blender. If you have been searching your whole life for the following attributes like I was, you have found your match: A filler between mealsReducing... Continue Reading →

Double the Fun at Ronnie’s Run

My second year in a row started with one of the best run races in Tampa Bay supporting a great cause and spending time with friends. Saturday morning in Fort DeSoto, Florida was the site of Ronnie’s Run, a race raising awareness for alcohol and drug abuse organized by Sean and Jeanne Keeney. They both happen... Continue Reading →

Carbs Rule for Recovery

I'm often asked, "What should I eat or drink after a workout?" This is a fantastic question and one that evolved for me as I continued to search for more information. Here I'll share what I found and what helps me recover as quickly as I can to fuel my next workout and simply have... Continue Reading →

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