Breakfast for Dinner Rocked!

Isn't having breakfast for dinner fun sometimes? Well that is what we did at the May edition of The Healthy Giraffe Event and we had a blast. It was a historic night as we set a record in attendance with 25 guests. That is 25 guests in the cozy Giraffe!!! I am humbled by... Continue Reading →

Suck it Up

It was a fun morning racing with the Total Fitness team and friends at the Dunedin Rotary Triathlon and Duathlon. It's a really fun event benefiting the local community located on beautiful Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, FL. I have participated in this event each year since competing in triathlon with this year being the first... Continue Reading →

Manufacturing a Silver Lining

We face adversity everyday in some manner. How we deal with it can either sink us or make us stronger. Today I'll share a few experiences with adversity I have been dealing with over the last few weeks and what I'm attempting to do to work through it. First of all let me share I've... Continue Reading →

How to Generate – That Spark

How do you generate that spark whether new or reigniting an old flame? I recently pondered if I was going to get that spark back to swim again. Last Thursday like a bolt of lightning was the day I got that spark back. Today I'll share what transpired with my hiatus from swimming and what... Continue Reading →

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