Road Trip to Freshii

The Healthy Giraffe group hit the road this month to eat at a restaurant called Freshii with a mantra, "Eat. Energize." They were founded in 2005 and have expanded at a rapid rate since. There are four locations in the Tampa Bay area and we had our gathering at the Palm Harbor location. Lucky for... Continue Reading →

A Healthy Vacation – Part 2

This week's installment of the Giraffe Paper covers the 2nd half of my vacation with Morgan. If you did not read Part 1,  you can catch up on that post here. There I shared how being healthy on vacation could be challenging but it could be done with proper planning. In this post, I'll continue... Continue Reading →

A Healthy Vacation – Part 1

Being healthy on vacation can sometimes be a challenge but it can be done. I'm going to share in the next two blog posts how Morgan and I prepared and spent our vacation with health in mind including nutrition, maintaining our performance regimens, and working on the mind. To begin, we consciously chose a vacation... Continue Reading →

The Healthy Giraffe – 6 Months Old

The Healthy Giraffe website and blog are six months old. In some ways it seems like I just started and other ways it feels like I've been at it forever. The Purpose of the website still holds true today. I simply want to share resources, experiences and build a community in an effort for us... Continue Reading →

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