The Healthy Giraffe – 6 Months Old

The Healthy Giraffe website and blog are six months old. In some ways it seems like I just started and other ways it feels like I’ve been at it forever. The Purpose of the website still holds true today. I simply want to share resources, experiences and build a community in an effort for us all to live a healthy lifestyle.

I came from an extremely unhealthy lifestyle and turned my life around by educating myself and taking action on nutrition, performance and the mind. Look at the bottom middle photo (above) of the guy in the UCF baseball t-shirt…I was obese and regardless of titles, I felt worse inside than at anytime in my life. My blood work validated the feeling. Today, just shy of the 50 year-old mark, I feel better than ever before. You can read more about my path to living a healthy lifestyle via the My Story page.

I describe much more about the community in the inaugural blog, Welcome to The Healthy Giraffe, that I’ve had pinned to the front page since inception. I guess I can unpin it now… One goal I established was to publish a weekly blog. I am happy to say I did not miss a single week and some had multiple as I have 35 blogs to date. Hopefully there has been enough of a variety of topics but this blog today is also meant for me to understand what you would like me to cover on the website moving forward. You can tell me this by completing this brief survey which should take no longer than five minutes.

What’s coming:

  • Addressing topics from you – via the survey and other inputs…contact me
  • Sharing what I learn from the Rouxbe Professional Plant-Based Certification Program – currently enrolled running through December
  • Experimenting with YouTube
    • cooking demos
    • more ideas so tune in…
  • Blogging weekly…keep the streak rolling (can I ever catch Betty Blue’s 3 mile daily run streak?!?!? I think I’m a year behind… I may be two years behind Nigel Duffett’s 1 mile daily run streak…)
  • Enhancing the website
  • Considering two certifications to continue my education post Rouxbe…what could they be and focused on….

Thank you all for being a part of this community and helping each other live a healthier lifestyle.

– Add Health to Your Life

P.S. If you didn’t take a break in the middle of this blog to complete the survey, here’s another spot to click on within this blog (that’s three places…ha) – Thank you!!!


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