Traveling Healthy – Toronto (Part 2)

What an incredible vacation Morgan and I enjoyed together up north - Toronto, Niagara Falls and Erie, PA. Last week I wrote about the start of our vacation, Traveling Healthy - Toronto (Part 1). I like to share how it's possible to travel healthy without sacrificing a thing. I believe it comes down to priorities.... Continue Reading →

Traveling Healthy – Toronto (Part 1)

The challenge and fun of traveling healthy continues this summer via Toronto. Today's post will be the first of a two part series chronicling how I strived to eat healthy and train on this awesome adventure with Morgan in Toronto. Next week in part 2 I will share our adventures finishing up in Toronto, Niagara... Continue Reading →

Train at Current Fitness Level

It's easy to get frustrated when we can't do something at the same level we once could. If you don't manage your expectations this could develop into a chronic problem. Some of the reasons I've seen impacting current vs. prior performance include: Injury - may sideline you causing loss of fitness Taking some down time... Continue Reading →

In My Ear – Q2 2019

Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion with Positive Mental Attitude! Ok, I'm not telling anyone to do that, but that sentence captures parts of two book titles I just read and they were quite good. In today's blog I'll share what I've been listening to in the second quarter of 2019 you... Continue Reading →

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