The Good & Ugly of Taper Week

The result of a taper week is great but going through it can be quite challenging. Here, I share the good and ugly getting the body ready to race during taper week. I use week in general terms as depending on the race distance and/or importance of the race it can vary in length. For... Continue Reading →

Resting Heart Rate Explored

One of the most useful biomarkers illustrating my overall health and fitness I watch on a regular basis is my resting heart rate. Since starting to run and compete in triathlon and duathlon events over seven years ago, I have closely studied and observed maximum, lactate threshold, and resting heart rates for myself and athletes... Continue Reading →

A Sick Race at Cocoa Beach

Sunday I competed in the Ron Jon Cocoa Beach Triathlon racing in the Sprint Duathlon. I caught my first sickness mid-week for the first time in 7ish years and was thankful it was on a taper week and weeks before Nationals. Here I share my experience from an awesome morning on the Space Coast. This... Continue Reading →

Ultra Success at Croom Fools Run

From not being able to run a single mile one and a half years ago to racing a 50-mile ultra run Saturday at the Croom Fools Run was simply amazing. What’s even more amazing is Lauren Nolan finished in just over nine hours to place 2nd Overall Female to an accomplished ultra runner. In today’s... Continue Reading →

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