Healthy Substitutes

Saturday night was all about considering healthy substitutes for foods and beverages that aren't so healthy. The guiding principle was - The more whole plant foods you eat the healthier you are. Well, maybe it wasn't all about substitutes as it was about a team and their family getting together for a beautiful night together.... Continue Reading →

The Healthy Giraffe Chili

Winter has hit us full force in the Tampa Bay area with temperatures dipping into the the low 50s...Brrr... When it gets this cold it's time for chili and today Lauren and I share a concoction we threw together we hope you enjoy. Recipe is in the notes section of the video link below. -... Continue Reading →

Disappointment in Savannah

"Disappointment" is just one of the words I would describe how I felt as Saturday morning unfolded in Savannah, Georgia at the Rock 'N' Roll Marathon. I wasn't racing but was there to support, Lauren Nolan, running her first marathon. Here I'll share my experience from the weekend. If you race and support others racing,... Continue Reading →

A New (1/2) Adventure

It's not every race you see Michael Myers pass through the finish line but that's what we saw on Halloween Sunday at the Halloween Halfathon in Fort DeSoto, Florida. This was my first 1/2 marathon race in five years so I was excited to see what I had to give. Here I'll share my race... Continue Reading →

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