Live a Great Story

It's an incredible feeling to watch someone you know make an amazing life transformation and that's what today's blog is about. This is a story from Lauren Nolan who has worked through many life challenges and is determined to Live a Great Story. It's never too late to take control of your health and life.... Continue Reading →

Gamble in Venice Works

This weekend I raced in Venice Beach, Florida for the first time and an early gamble to the game plan paid off. Here I will share my experience racing at the Ironhead Half Marathon (including 10k & 5k distances) with my daughter, Morgan, and teammate Dylan Nolan along with great support from Lauren Nolan and... Continue Reading →

A Fast Start to 2021

What a start to 2021 with a race supporting a great cause and time spent with team, friends and family. Saturday morning in Fort DeSoto, Florida was the site of Ronnie's Run, a run race raising awareness for alcohol and drug abuse organized by Sean and Jeanne Keeney. Here I will share my experience of... Continue Reading →

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