Buy Organic?

It's amazing the boom in organic produce food sales in the last several years. Here I'll share things to consider when you are making your next grocery store visit and are faced with the decision to purchase organic produce. Food Business News reported this year, "Fresh organic produce sales grew almost 11% in 2020 to... Continue Reading →

A Spectacular Morning of Support

My first race back after a mid-season break was humbling as expected and quite spectacular. I participated at the 2021 Top Gun Triathlon via Fort DeSoto Beach Saturday morning with a host of friends, teammates, and competitors. Here I'll share my race experience and four very special stories involving support. After the USAT Duathlon National... Continue Reading →

Midnight Rule to Move Forward

One thing certain in life is we all face challenges in everything we are involved in from work, relationships, our homes, hobbies and the list goes on. It's very easy to get caught in a downward spiral when we face adversity and before you know it we're in a funk. Here I share an idea... Continue Reading →

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