Buy Organic?

It’s amazing the boom in organic produce food sales in the last several years. Here I’ll share things to consider when you are making your next grocery store visit and are faced with the decision to purchase organic produce.

Food Business News reported this year, “Fresh organic produce sales grew almost 11% in 2020 to $18.2 billion. Frozen organic fruits and vegetables increased more than 28%. Including frozen, canned and dried, total sales of organic fruit and vegetable products hit $20.4 billion. More than 15% of fruits and vegetables sold in the United States are organic.”

Does it make a difference consuming Organic?

From what I have found researching, non-organic produce contain pesticide residues with varying levels based on several factors. I’m linking to three different informative videos at the end of the blog from Dr. Michael Greger and covering this information.


I first heard of a guide that lists the cleanest and most toxic produce foods from from Dr. Michael Greger years ago. He was referencing the Environmental Working Group’s guides titled, Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen. These are great to know when you are shopping and you can request a printable guide to take with you to the grocery store. See if you can notice a pattern between the foods that are most and least toxic.

I have heard several doctors share additional insight when considering purchasing organic or non-organic – if it means you can only get or maybe afford non-organic fruits and vegetables, that trumps not having them at all from an overall health perspective. I personally always buy organic if the produce is listed on the Dirty Dozen.

Do what works for you and hopefully the guides help you when making choices during your next grocery store visit.

– Add Health to Your Life

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