Resetting the Body & Mind

One thing I have learned over the last several years competing in run, triathlon, and duathlon races is the importance of breaking up the year in chunks both from a mental and physical perspective. Today I'll share a few things I have learned and how I approach planning a year to protect myself from injury... Continue Reading →

Jubilation in Greenville

I just experienced my greatest racing day since starting this adventure a few years back and it wasn't just about my race. I was a competitor, a teammate, and friend this weekend that made it one of my greatest memories. Today I'll share about my experience competing at the 2019 USA Duathlon National Championships in... Continue Reading →

In My Ear – Q1 2019

I have ample opportunity to listen to various things while I'm riding my bike, on a long run, driving the car and doing chores around the house. Previously I blogged about what I listen to and thought I'd provide updates periodically with what I find worthwhile. There may be something that may spark an interest... Continue Reading →

Fuel Your Body to Start the Day

When it comes to fueling my body I've certainly changed my approach to breakfast over the years. Breakfast for most of my life was an inconvenience to getting the day started. I simply wanted to get the day rolling with what I had to do so breakfast needed to be quick in both preparation and... Continue Reading →

The Mysterious & Fantastic Acai Berry

One berry I never heard of until I was going through my health transformation was acai. I was aware of other berries but didn't really consume any of them. Since educating myself and taking action to live healthy I now consume berries daily. The acai berry is commonly used in bowls and juices. If you... Continue Reading →

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