Cut Fat to Cut Fat and Weight

One way to lose weight in a healthy manner is to reduce the amount of fat we consume. A friend of mine recently asked me how they could lose weight when they are eating pretty healthy to begin with and it made me reflect on what I learned switching from a Standard American Diet (SAD)... Continue Reading →

The Healthy Giraffe Peanut Butter Madness Juice

Another juice concoction via The Healthy Giraffe’s Kitchen Lab is complete that you can make in any blender. If you have been searching your entire life for the following attributes like I was, you have found your match: A filler between mealsReducing inflammation in your bodyHeart Healthy ingredientsChecking healthy foods off your Dr. Greger's Daily... Continue Reading →

Unsatisfied-Satisfied Best Damn Races

Saturday I competed in the, Best Damn Race - Safety Harbor, completing the Double Challenge consisting of a 10k run followed by a 5k distance. I came across both finish lines feeling two different sets of emotions, pissed and elated. Since then, I would say the "pissed" emotion changed to a "motivated...get serious..." one but... Continue Reading →

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