Is Eating Chicken Healthy?

When asked if consuming chicken is better than other (red) meat in the documentary, What the Health, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, responded with, “it’s a question of whether you would rather be shot or hung.” The link between consuming chicken and our leading causes of chronic illness and death are quite staggering.

Today I will share some pretty frightening facts about chicken we learned about Saturday evening at the January edition of The Healthy Giraffe Event. Also, we made chick’n parmesan that was out of this world! Our chicken alternative had zero cholesterol and was low in sodium…a much better combination than what you will see below via chicken.

It was a spectacular Saturday evening as our group joined inside the Giraffe’s Den (my condo). With the length of time to prepare dinner and dessert we set out with this mission first. We watched two videos demonstrating how to prepare our chick’n and dessert (chocolate cake) and we then broke into two teams to begin preparation. Each team grabbed their recipes and ingredients with one heading up stairs (thank you Keith and Scarlett for use of your kitchen) to prepare dessert while the second group remained preparing the chick’n parmesan and pasta.

After cooking and baking concluded, we filled our plates with our dinner and took a seat. While we enjoyed this healthy tasty alternative we watched a few videos about the pitfalls of consuming chicken. While some may think chicken is healthy we learned quite the opposite.

Here are some of the facts about chicken and related animal issues:

We had great discussion about what we learned and a few shared some incredible personal results as they had eliminated animal products from their diet. Quite remarkable stories and results but not surprising by the simple facts of how unhealthy animal products.

We moved on to Game Night where I facilitated several rounds of questions on chicken, general health, and actual Family Feud game show questions. It was a blast and it was a very tight battle to the final question.

When thinking of all this information about chicken and animal protein I always think back to one of the first podcasts I listened to with Dr. Garth Davis when he was a guest on the Rich Roll Podcast (episode 150). I’ve heard him share his perspective a few times and it has stuck with me since.

With all the research Dr. Davis conducted on animal protein, chicken, and more he pondered how in the U.S. we eat more chicken and animal products than anyone in the world and asks the rhetorical question, “how is that working out for us?” With 71.6% of American Adults either overweight or obese (39.8% obese) per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the ridiculous amount of cancer, heart disease and other chronic illnesses it promotes I would say it’s not working out very well for us at all.

There are so many great chicken alternatives to make or buy these days that taste fantastic and do not cause havoc on our overall health. Not to mention the terrible factory farm conditions, cruelty, and slaughter chickens face. It’s very sad…

Let me know what chicken alternatives you have found and/or tried. I’m always looking to explore new options. Going plant-based has opened up my diet in so many ways…loving every minute of it and feeling better than ever!

– Add Health to Your Life

*Blog Feature Photo from a tailgate years and years ago when I was super unhealthy. Not only did I have all the benefits described above with the chicken I also draped it with the colon cancer (among other cancers, heart disease and chronic illnesses) powerhouse of bacon.

Oh the unhealthy and feels like crap version of my old self…
This was our great looking group feeling content after a great night!
Keith preparing our chicken patties…soooo good!
Pasta and chick’n heating up via Michael and Mike…
Upstairs the chocolate cake was in production…
Scarlett indicating to Keith one pan is just not enough? Two was perfect…yay!


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