Is Eating Chicken Healthy?

When asked if consuming chicken is better than other (red) meat in the documentary, What the Health, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, responded with, "it's a question of whether you would rather be shot or hung." The link between consuming chicken and our leading causes of chronic illness and death are quite staggering. Today I will share... Continue Reading →

Two Years of The Healthy Giraffe

The Healthy Giraffe is two years old! I have as much energy about this as I did when I started. What is this you may ask? I wrote the purpose of The Healthy Giraffe just over two years ago (crazy)... The Purpose of The Healthy Giraffe is to provide resources, support and community in an effort to live a... Continue Reading →

Road Trip to Eco-Bean

This edition of The Healthy Giraffe Road Trip took us to Eco-Bean Organic Coffee House in downtown Tarpon Springs, FL. The tip to host the lunch was from Elia and Eva Luti who had dropped in on a couple occasions and had very good experiences. Our visit did not disappoint. The owner, Rachel Thwaits-Gause, has... Continue Reading →

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