Four Years Plant-Based – What is Next?

It’s been four years since I made the decision to go all in eating 100% plant-based. Over this time I have learned so much about eating healthy and my knowledge has also grown on the positive impacts eating plant-based has on the planet and animal welfare. Today I’ll share a bit of what’s in my head currently and what I would like to explore more this year.

As I shared in, My Story, there were many things that led to me going all in plant-based on January 17, 2016. In a nutshell, the combination of losing my parents to chronic illnesses, terrible communication in our healthcare system, and my own poor health led to my change. Four years later it feels great to be in control of my health and helping others who are interested in learning more as well.

In my own journey going plant-based I continue to strive to eat more whole foods and I do a pretty good job. As I get closer to big race events I really focus on eliminating processed foods and eat food that will enhance my performance even more. These are slight modifications as I do eat pretty darn healthy. It feels good to feel good and doing this has opened up so many foods to me. It’s great being able to taste the actual food as well…what a bonus.

I now have discussions with my doctor(s) when it comes to nutrition and my body vs. just taking what they told me as gold. I realized I know more about it than they do. With less than four hours of nutrition devoted in all of medical school, it’s not a priority for doctors so taking control of this part was on me.

I love learning about nutrition, cooking with ingredients I had never tried, and exploring options going out as they are more prevalent than even just a couple years ago. As noted I made my transition due to health reasons. What has continued to grow for me over the last couple years is what I’m understanding about the impacts of consuming animal products have on both animals and our planet.

I will spend more time this year learning about both of these. I was oblivious to all of this and think I didn’t want to make any connections with the suffering animals endured for me to consume them. I didn’t want to know. Now I know so anything I can do to help them I am for.

I was also oblivious to the connection of animal agriculture had on the destruction of our planet. I didn’t want to know if there was a linkage. It just didn’t serve me I guess. My life in general has changed so much over these years and these things matter to me now. I am concerned about what the future holds for the planet and what this means for my daughter as she gets older.

These are things I know enough about now that have validity. I will explore more for my own education, do what I can to help animals and planet, and continue to share for those interested.

Four years eating plant-based and I feel great and it’s fueling me to positive performance results as well. I would love to race the 30 year-old version of myself. I would kick my ass! #plantpower

I hope you continue to learn with me about all this stuff and I love learning from all those who share with me. It does make me feel great that by living a plant-based lifestyle I am helping me, others, animals and the planet. It’s a win-win-win-win. Can’t get much better than that…

– Add Health to Your Life

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