My Top 5 Listens – Q3 2020

From time to time I share highlights from what I've been listening to in recent months primarily in the world of health and wellness. The following is a list and summary of my top five listens I found absolutely fantastic...great content, enriching, and free. Four of the five are from the Rich Roll Podcast...incredible host... Continue Reading →

Traveling Healthy – Ithaca

Traveling to Ithaca, NY to visit Cornell Law School was a great adventure in many ways. I was making this trip as Cornell has made the short list of law schools my daughter, Morgan, will choose from and begin attending this fall. I love figuring out how I will incorporate my training and eat healthy... Continue Reading →

Live Life Now

One of the biggest life lessons I've learned is to live your life now and not wait till tomorrow. 'Tomorrow' meaning sometime in the future as there is always plenty of time... Well, not so much time in reality and you just never know when time is up. Geez, this sounds like a grim blog... Continue Reading →

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