The Magic of Race Day – Tarpon Springs Triathlon 2021

The photo montage speaks for itself. In most cases for me, race day can be pretty complex. Saturday at the Tarpon Springs Triathlon it was pretty simple for me filled with lots of magic. Here I’ll share my great race day experience.

This triathlon has special meaning to begin with as it’s directed by my close friend, Celia Dubey. The triathlon funds many projects for Tarpon Springs including college scholarships which I love any part of that. Celia has the biggest heart so anything she is behind is full of love and high energy.

I was racing the Sprint Distance Duathlon but I arrived with my swim cap and goggles as I was coaching a new friend, Snehal Jadhav-Parulekar, on swim racing nuances in preparation for her first triathlon. She put in so much work and determination in the open water recently. I was proud to be there and provide any last minute guidance I could. She rocked the race by the way winning her age group and nailing the swim! Congratulations Snehal (pictured bottom right)!

After warming up with Snehal and finishing my run warm ups for the duathlon I was ready to roll. I had one main goal for my race and that was to have a solid 2nd run. I’ve been working on it a bit so this would be put to the test with this duathlon consisting of a 5k run, 10 mile bike, and another 5k run. That may not sound like much from a distance perspective but when you have double 5k’s putting out max effort, it hurts a tad.

My legs felt shredded after the first run and it took me a while to get going on the bike but by the time I finished the bike leg I was in a good rhythm and feeling like I set myself up for a good final run. The 2nd run went well. It was grueling but I felt strong throughout and drove through the finish.

Then the magic kicked in cheering all my friends and teammates on the course and around the venue. Everyone was sharing great stories from the day and what they had ahead. The energy from a local race with so many friends and teammates is invigorating.

Don’t get me confused. The race inside my head may have been a bit complex but on this day and this triathlon, the day was simple. It was simply being with incredible people.

If you haven’t tried a triathlon, a run race, or any other multi-sport event…come check out the atmosphere and what it’s about. I have never been around a community in anything this is so supportive of each other. Anyone has the capability to do this. Set your mind to it, take the first step, join a group, meet incredible people and feel the magic.

– Add Health to Your Life

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