Refreshing During the Holidays

It feels great to be chillin’ during the holidays as I reset my mind and body. The period around Christmas the last several years has served as my physical and mental break from competition and this year is serving that purpose again. I am also mending a physical injury that popped up at the end of the year so I’m killing two birds with one stone this holiday period. Here I’ll share a bit more about my break and the importance of refreshing.

This year was broken up into four chunks for me:

  • Early in year run season focusing on 10k speed for Duathlon National Championships
  • Followed by hard core duathlon racing ending in late May at Nationals
  • A build up to long course duathlon racing in late summer that I ended early
  • A new challenge for me…training and racing my first marathon in late November

The mix of training and racing this year I found satisfying both mentally and physically with the recognition in December I needed my annual refresh time. My body was vulnerable going into the marathon and I’ve been recovering since. I have learned over the years to embrace this time. Heal the body from the load I’ve put on it and don’t stress that I’m not working out x times per week and getting in y miles. It’s ok to chill…

I am working through an issue with my doctor, Dr. Michael Abenoja, that I’m confident when I need to move forward in January at some point I’ll be ready to go. I’m indulging a bit on the food end as well. Still 100% plant-based but a few more sweets and pizzas are entering the mix lately and I’m enjoying every bite!

I can share a few things you can consider as you are planning your year or six month calendar that could set you up for success and mitigate injury:

  • Identify what you want to accomplish in the year. Ask yourself what jazzes you.
  • Chunk your year into segments so you are mentally and physically intentional about your goals and reality of achieving them (be careful not to over plan)
  • Identify your big event(s) and work backwards on the calendar to build a thoughtful plan (be careful not to over train including racing too often; racing too often may lead to sacrificing needed training as well)
  • Incorporate breaks after your big events so you can mentally and physically reset = you will be hungry and refreshed ready to rock your next goal
  • Consult or hire a coach to help you reach your goals

    – Add Health to Your Life

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