Road Trip to Consciousness-Blossoms (05.20.18)

In this week’s Giraffe Paper, I’ll share the road trip to Consciousness-Blossoms the Giraffe group took this weekend. Did it make the list of my favorite places to dine in the Tampa Bay area? Keep reading to find out…

In the road trip blog to Cider Press Cafe in March I mentioned I was given a couple recommendations to try and Consciousness-Blossoms was one of them. When I called ahead and spoke to the owner to identify how we would seat our group I immediately could tell this place was different. The owner was a sweet lady who was very gracious and thankful I was bringing a group to her restaurant. There was something very genuine and caring in how she spoke with me. On their website they share – “More than just a vegetarian restaurant…We are committed to serving healthy and delicious vegetarian meals to feed the body and soul.”

I arrived early to discuss options as the restaurant is small. After discussing a few options we settled on our seating arrangement. I had a few minutes to pass before our meeting time and I quickly noticed a section in the restaurant with several books written by Sri Chinmoy, their meditation teacher. There was a book on meditation and running so I was thinking this place was hitting all the marks so far.

There are plenty of options on the menu and on this day I had a craving for breakfast. I tried the Tofu Scramble (pictured below) and it was fantastic! Since this was lunch after a race there was a 100% chance I was ordering dessert. They offered cupcakes, pies, and cookies. On this day a chocolate – chocolate cupcake did not stand a chance. It was glorious!

Our group had a great time, spending two hours there and that was by choice. It was a very casual environment and we didn’t feel rushed to leave. A few of us raced in the morning so we celebrated our race successes…..congratulations to Jenn winning her Age Group and Chris coming in second in his and 8th overall!

It was great to have Brian and Vicky join us at a Giraffe event….best of luck to Brian who is attempting to qualify for the Boston Marathon this coming weekend in Michigan. It was great catching up with Lisa who continues her quest to run a race in every state…up to 13 if my memory serves me right and my memory is always in question…

Betty joined as well and has a HUGE milestone coming up this Saturday – it will be 365 consecutive days in which she has run 3 miles or more!!! Dave and Heather joined, squeezing this into a really busy day…it was great catching up and sharing experiences…

Eva and Elia took some time out of their schedules moving into their new home and renovations they are completing. I think I have found my match for love of food in Elia. We better be careful hanging out together as we could quickly gain 50 pounds…

Did Consciousness-Blossoms make my top places to eat in Tampa Bay? Yes it did!

Next month we will return to the Giraffe’s Den. What could be on deck for this one?!?!? Tune in to see…

– Add Health to Your Life


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