Tampa Bay

  1. The Cider Press Cafe
    • My favorite restaurant overall
    • Variety of menu options from burgers, soups, salads, traditional dishes, and desserts
    • My favorite meal here: Caesar Salad, Mac & Cheese, Fajitas, Salted Caramel Cheesecake
  2. Consciousness-Blossoms
    • As they describe – We are committed to serving healthy and delicious vegetarian meals to feed the body and soul.
    • Breakfast, lunch and open for dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings
    • Try the Tofu Scramble and desserts! Chocolate-Chocolate Cupcake!
  3. The Farmacy Vegan Kitchen & Bakery
    • Bowls, smoothies, bakery and bistro
    • Lots of options here
    • Had a burger that was fantastic!
    • In a market too so you can find other healthy options
  4. Love Food Central
    • Soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches and desserts
    • Love the Roasted Veggie Wrap
    • Cookies good too!
  5. The Giraffe’s Den
    • Ok I’m cheating here but I really do LOVE making my own food at home
    • I’ve learned a lot from various sources. My best concoctions include:

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