Questions to Struggle With

Why is it that we don’t see a daily count for heart disease cases and death since they are greater than any COVID-19 numbers for the same time period? You can ask the same thing for cancer deaths but we don’t see a daily update and what we should do about it like we do for COVID-19. Whether you are pro or anti vaccine this makes no sense to me but I do understand motives. Here I’ll share a few thoughts on how I attempt to make sense of information and live a healthy life.

Background Info (United States Only)

Pondering questions I have…

  • If we have more deaths every year (vs. COVID-19) due to heart disease why isn’t this the number one headline?
  • If we have more deaths every year (vs. COVID-19) due to cancers, why isn’t this the headline right behind heart disease?
  • If 7 (and arguably 8) of the top 10 leading causes of death are greatly lifestyle choice illnesses (including heart disease and cancers), why isn’t this the headline?
  • If we are now finding increases in cases of COVID-19 are unrelated to being vaccinated or not, why aren’t the headlines focused on what we can control – how to live a healthy lifestyle to avoid chronic illnesses and COVID-19 as living healthy crushes the leading causes of death and COVID-19?
  • If eating a mostly plant-based diet greatly reduces the risk of severe COVID-19 effects, why isn’t promoting this on the headlines daily?

Take control of your health

Prior to living a healthy lifestyle, I wasn’t aware of the power of Big Pharma and the animal agriculture industry (including dairy). Since spending over six years educating myself about my own health I have learned to identify the source and agenda behind whatever I read, listen to, and watch. It’s a disappointment to me I do not trust most things at first glance and that is a good and bad thing. I research everything regarding my health choices and make decisions that are right for me. How heart disease and cancers are so prolific in America and are not addressed in the same vigor as COVID-19 demonstrates agendas to me. Just one example of so many…

Regardless of which chronic illness, risk of chronic illness, or pandemic we are living with and what we believe regarding vaccinations, the best thing we can do is have our bodies in the best possible shape to fight for us and feel great. These are things I emphasize in my life to have my body thrive and protect me based on what I have learned:

  • Eat and live a whole plant food lifestyle
    • Maintain the appropriate body weight and body fat % (natural eating this way but critical to thwart chronic illnesses)
    • This would pretty much say good bye to those leading causes of death due to life style choices…
  • Exercise regularly
  • Sleep an appropriate amount
  • Practice mindfulness exercises

A few references of mine on chronic illnesses and how eating a whole plant food lifestyle kicks COVID-19’s butt

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