The Giraffe Paper – 01.07.18

The first of what I plan to write weekly blogs titled – The Giraffe Paper. One of the odd names I was called in middle school (when your last name is Graff ) was Graff Paper. I’ll attempt to share information around nutrition, performance and the mind that I’ve experienced during the week.


I’m getting into a rhythm now with the Cold Press Juicer I bought over the Christmas break. It may just be in my mind, but it seems like a feel a jolt of energy within minutes after drinking one of my concoctions. I am still learning and using recipes I am taking from drinks I have bought or the book that came with the juicer. I am on the hunt for a good recipe book and/or online resource. I have not spent much time searching so that will be coming.


I will write a separate blog about this as I am so intrigued with continuing to explore the right mix of speed vs. recovery type workouts. I am almost finished reading the 80/20 Running book that I LOVE and understand the concepts. That along with Coach Michael McDonald consulting on those running efforts has been extremely successful.

The outstanding question is how does this mix work when you throw in Triathlon training and more specifically the load of cycling in the 80/20 running theory. I haven’t found much out there on this but with Coach I’m dabbling and thinking I’m finding a good mix. I LOVE learning and experimenting here and Coach is fantastic in this space giving his advice…..thanks Michael!


A bit dated but I also read the book, How Bad Do You Want It?, by the Matt Fitzgerald. He’s also the author of 80/20 Running. I really enjoyed this book and have made some adjustments in training and races to fight through fatigue, perceived effort, and pain. It’s a great read with things you can immediately apply. Some of this may come out in the 80/20 blog I’ll wite about soon.

I will write soon about my efforts around meditation….looking for some consistency here…… There are great resources. It’s like anything else, you have to practice to see the benefits and that’s where I’m trying to get better.

 – Add Health to Your Life

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