The Slaughtering of Cows

We all know cows are killed prematurely to make hamburgers, steak, cheese and milk but do we know the cruelty they face in their existence and how they are slaughtered? It’s really unbelievable… The fear shown in the cow’s eyes and rampant body convulsions they undertake seeing what is ahead of them is one of the most horrific sights I have seen in my life.

This experience is what a cow goes through as they enter the slaughterhouse through their death. Here I share how this is done and share a few videos if you are interested in learning more about what happens to cows as they are slaughtered for consumption. I share this as I wish I would have seen this earlier in my life and maybe it will help save lives of these beautiful and innocent animals.

Reflecting back on who I was as a child I always flinched when I witnessed anything injured and/or in pain. That included humans but also animals. Our family ate meat and we drank cows’ milk and I continued doing the same until my mid-40s. I never investigated how meat and milk went from a farm or factory farm to the grocery store and to my plate or glass. Why is that? I now question anything I put in my body whether that be medication or food. I have learned over the years not to trust anything at face value about health including information from the FDA, CDC and WHO. Find resources you trust and question them too. Since doing my own education and not taking what they state blindly, I’ve been the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. Back to the cows…

If I would have read or seen the process for what these cows go through for me to consume a steak, hamburger, cheese or a glass of milk, I know that child version of myself would have gone plant-based instantly. Well, I hope I would have (influencing the parents of course…) and I have made that choice as an adult now. Not only the cruelty but by consuming these animals I was killing myself with horrible health effects and athletic performance outcomes.

WARNING – the descriptions here are graphic, horrific, and the videos are the same. So stop here if you aren’t up for gruesome detail. You can search for this on Google or YouTube and find countless examples. Here I share an example from a slaughterhouse that had hidden cameras installed so it shows exactly what you will see in examples if you search as well.

Once the cows are transported to the slaughterhouse the following is what occurred next:

  • Cow enters the room on a platform with a portable wall separating it from the rest of the room which has cow carcasses hanging
  • The floor is actually painted red…so the blood blends in?
  • The cow jumps up and down attempting to see what’s on the other side of the portable wall…seeing his brothers being dismembered while listening to the saws ripping through their bodies
  • A stun gun is at the edge of the platform. The cow nudges it off the platform with it’s nose and the worker looks surprised at the occurrence
  • The cow cries out in fear as the worker walks up and yells, “You want it in the f**king head?”
  • The worker forces the cow’s head down, shoots it in the head, and asks the cow, “How does that feel?” as the cow drops to the floor
  • The cow bellows in a most horrific manner while the worker releases the portable wall and the cow drops off the platform onto the floor below
  • The cow is then tied by its two hind legs and raised off the ground hanging, while still alive
  • The cow continues to gasp for air and kicking while the worker slits its throat and blood pours out on the red floor while another worker mops the blood.
  • The cow is still moving….unbelievable…then the worker severs the head and the cow stops moving while still hanging lifeless
  • The owner stated the cows don’t know what’s going on, they are totally oblivious to it…while they struggle to escape as soon as they enter the slaughterhouse room. Most horrific…
  • The second cow shown rips both of its horns off in an attempt to get away…but as the owner states they have no idea what is going to happen to them…stating “a live animal does not see a dead one.” The video shows otherwise…

The example I shared here comes in a short and long version if you are interested in seeing for yourself. A telling documentary titled, Dominion, goes into much more depth of the cruelty inflicted on animals via animal agriculture.

In addition to the cruelty to these cows, by not consuming them we are healthier and we reduce horrible consequences to the planet.

– Add Health to Your Life

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