Road Trip to Lotus Vegan

If you are looking for a plant-based buffet option in Pinellas County you need not look any longer. My old stomping grounds of Pinellas Park is home to Lotus Vegan, a fantastic vegan restaurant with an enormous menu except for the third Saturday of each month. On these particular Saturday’s they offer a limited buffet menu and change the offerings each time.

At last month’s Healthy Giraffe Event, Michael Blue, offered Lotus Vegan as an option and we took him up on the suggestion and I am so happy we did. I visited the location a few days before our road trip to scope out logistics. Oddly enough I was at that location in the 80s when it was a Pizza Hut. The structure still looks the same but the menu is quite different and so much better.

When I arrived to do some reconnaissance, I met the friendly staff who provided all the information I needed for the gathering. They do not take reservations for small parties but for big groups like ours they do and I was very happy with the set up they provided. We had 12 in our party this day, we were all seated together, and were super close to the food…yay!

During my visit a few days earlier, Tom, the host recommended the crispy cauliflower as the top selection. I’m not sure he would have anyone counter that but I also loved the sesame tofu. Everything was fresh and flavorful! The restaurant was buzzing the entire time we were there and they were quick on refilling all of the selections.

Like at all of our previous Healthy Giraffe Events, we had a great time catching up on our lives. So cool to hear bits and pieces of:

  • Gail, Betty and Jenn reflecting on their Utah 1/2 Marathon experience. Sorry Betty for the altitude sickness…ugh. I get headaches when visiting the high altitude of Colorado…not a good experience although I love Colorado. PR Gail had another outstanding performance, winning age group and had to ship her award home as it was too big to carry on…ha!
  • Dave and Heather discussing their mini RV/Van under construction and hopefully ready for Ironman Waco at the end of next month. I can’t wait to use…I mean see it when ready!!! It will definitely be ready for USA Duathlon National Championships in April (road trip)!
  • Jenn, Chris and I marveling over Chris’ performance the previous weekend at the Tarpon Triathlon where he finished 2nd Overall!!! Most triathletes have one discipline where they are really working on (swim for me). Chris is gifted in all three and is the most humble about his achievements. Jenn also won Masters….what a power triathlete couple…they would win that category if they had one. We also pondered why I swam 200 yards more in the same race. They showed me their GPS map and it looked like a rectangle swim. I didn’t have mine available but guessing it would show something like a heart beat reading – zigzagging up and down…ha!
  • Eva and Elia really had the conversation going at the other end of the table by trying to influence Stephanie and Jennifer to join our running group. Ok, maybe that was more Elia and I but I can blame Eva too. We may go run shoe shopping in the next week or two as well. The best kind of shopping…or maybe for a triathlon bike but running shoes are less expensive and in this case someone else’s money…ha!
  • Betty is cycling and will be doing her first duathlon at Chilly Willy Fort DeSoto in January. Super cool!
  • Michael and I had a great chat about his passion for off road biking. It was so cool hearing him describe it and races he’s considering.

What a great group and afternoon together. The bullets above demonstrate we have different perspectives, passions, interests, and goals. Whatever they are we support each other in adding health to our lives.

– Add Health to Your Life

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