Road Trip to Eco-Bean

This edition of The Healthy Giraffe Road Trip took us to Eco-Bean Organic Coffee House in downtown Tarpon Springs, FL. The tip to host the lunch was from Elia and Eva Luti who had dropped in on a couple occasions and had very good experiences. Our visit did not disappoint.

The owner, Rachel Thwaits-Gause, has been in business for 11 years and when she opened with her cousin, Audry Buggle, she didn’t even drink coffee. The transformation of what she and the business went through is quite a story of passion and persistence. The journey chronicling the early days was in an edition of, Patch, when they were celebrating their fifth year anniversary.

Eco Bean offers a wide variety of coffee, teas, smoothies, kombuchas, juices, desserts and complements that with a few dishes and soup. They are a vegan kitchen and offer gluten-free options as well. In the Patch story, Rachel stated, “From the beginning I wanted to put a healthy spin on it.” Along with offering healthy options, the vibe is quite welcoming and tranquil. She also mentioned in the story, “I’ve had a lot of people tell me that this place is the spiritual hub of Tarpon Springs. We are very proud of that.”

You can feel what she describes inside as well as an outdoor patio seating area that is mostly shaded. This is where our group gathered and it was fantastic. I arrived two hours early to do some work on my laptop and started with a dish including almond butter on toast with banana, drizzled maple syrup and hemp seeds along with a kombucha they served on tap.

Once the group arrived I was ready to go again and had a smoothie and a couple raw desserts. The group ordered a variety of offerings from the menu as you can see in pictures below. We hung out as usual sharing what’s happening in our lives. It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, We were a satisfied and good looking group as you can also see in the featured photo above (including Rachel).

If you are in Tarpon Springs, keep Eco-Bean in mind.

– Add Health to Your Life

Outdoor patio under canopy top was nice…I think I was pointing out to Chris how straight Elia ran towards the counter when he arrived. Man he was hungry…
Jenn finished her meal quite a bit faster than Keith…look at the plate differences…ok, our food did arrive at different times…ha! I’m in trouble now…
Elia enjoying avocado and greens…
Look at the color…tasty and healthy!
Banana and almond butter toast in the background…banana bread almost gone…
These were my desserts…geez I have a sweet tooth…


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