Road Trip to Karma Juice Bar & Eatery

I’m always hopeful for good karma and on Sunday we found it. This good karma was in the form of a restaurant, Karma Juice Bar & Eatery, located in Clearwater. There is one other location in downtown St. Petersburg which is the original, opening in 2015. This served host to the February Healthy Giraffe Road Trip.

As stated from their website, their purpose is to create and educate healthy eating habits for locals and visitors. They are known for their acai bowls and cold-press juices. Their menu is quite extensive however including smoothies, salads, wraps, and sandwiches. I found the menu on their website is not the full menu so don’t be fooled. You can see the more extensive menu if you scroll through the pictures on Yelp linked here.

When I find a restaurant I like I go one of two ways when ordering. The first is if I find a menu item that is off the charts good I tend to order it every time I return. My second approach is I order something different each visit. Cider Press Cafe in St. Petersburg is an example of a restaurant I order something new or have a significant amount of time before I repeat a menu selection. I love the restaurant and the variety is fantastic.

In the case of Karma where I have visited 3-4 times previously, I’ve ordered the same thing each time and I will find it difficult to veer to another selection as what I have is simply outstanding. That is the Acai Power Bowl. It includes acai, banana, strawberry, plant-based protein (vanilla or chocolate), granola, peanut butter, honey, hemp and walnuts. In my experiencing eating acai bowls at restaurants, they can vary quite dramatically in quality and quantity. This bowl hits the mark with both as the combination of ingredients makes it quite tasty while the portion fills me up.

On this day I was coming from a hard morning run with quite an appetite. So I added an additional menu item to my lunch. That was the Nana Toast, a combination of banana, peanut butter, honey, hemp hearts and chia on toast. It was also fantastic and I left the restaurant full.

The restaurant has ample seating with a large covered outdoor seating area that we took advantage of on a gorgeous afternoon. You can get a feel for the seating area in the featured blog photo. Inside they have an area where you can grab juices and other selections to go in a hurry. They also have books available to read on healthy topics.

We met on a Sunday afternoon for lunch. This was the first Sunday this year they opened and will now be open seven days a week. Every staff member I have interacted with on visits have been pleasant and always offering help. Based on the conversations around at our tables, it seemed like everyone was very happy with their lunch. I know I will return and most likely won’t venture off of the Acai Power Bowl.

What a great showing on this day as well. We brought 16 people to the restaurant with three coming to their first Healthy Giraffe event. Welcome Keith, Jodi, and Mark! Kudos to Brian McManus who drove from the St. Petersburg Distance Classic where some of us were in the morning.

That alone may not sound like much but he was on quite the time crunch to return back to Pinellas Park to see his daughter compete in a horse show where she placed first in two classes! Congratulations Vicky! He had a couple complications on the route to the restaurant so he quickly consumed an acai bowl and was back on the road (pictured below). Thank you Brian for making all that happen and wanting to join us even for just a few minutes.

We were able to congratulate Elia Luti (blue head piece in the final picture below) for finishing 2nd Overall at the St. Petersburg Distance Classic Marathon. What an achievement to run as fast as he did on a quite warm and very humid morning to race.

We also discussed a few options for the next road trip in April and the March event at the condo. More to come there so stay tuned if you want to join all in an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle. That healthy lifestyle is what you make of it. I/we are here to support you as you are getting started or progressing through different stages. The journey to living a healthier lifestyle is so invigorating. It feels great to make progress, learn and share with others.

– Add Health to Your Life




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