I Love Coaching This Guy!

One of my greatest joys is seeing others accomplish their goals and today I was able to be there supporting one of my best friends and athlete I coach, Dan Radde, accomplishing his. Here I will share a few thoughts on why I love coaching this guy with some highlights from today.

Dan and I met years ago via work and one day he reached out to me to see if we could work together in the world of triathlon and running. It has been very satisfying for me to see Dan’s progression from novice to elite level triathlete and runner. The first things that pop out when I describe Dan to others regarding our athlete/coaching relationship is, discipline and learning. Dan is committed to his training and gets his work in. That sound simple but it really isn’t. We flex where we need to and he’s offering options when the needs present themselves.

In the realm of learning, I mean he is coachable. He is always learning…learning from mistakes, process, plans, execution, experimenting, feedback and the list goes on. His unwavering ability to move on to the next day, workout, challenge and so forth is a perfect mindset with countless challenges thrown your way in sport and life.

Today Dan raced at the Fort DeSoto Trilogy Triathlon in his second of three tune-up races in his quest for the USA Triathlon National Championships in August. He raced a couple weeks back at the sprint distance, doing extremely well finishing 2nd overall and today was the progression to Olympic distance where he swam 750 meters, cycled 20 miles, and ran 6.2 miles in smothering heat. Going in we wanted to push the envelope a bit in all three phases to see where he was and adjust for the final tune-up race in four weeks.

Dan had a really good swim in choppy conditions and we were happy with the execution and output. Dan’s bike is Nationals ready right now so he did his thing there with a very impressive pace and check out the dismount photo below…also Nationals ready. The run was quite challenging and that goes for 100% of the competitors today. There was a heat index warning today and it played out as the sun got worse after the swim and bike finished. Dan fought his butt off and had a really good run winning his age group by a great margin and in a pack of top 10 athletes (10th overall) who were off the charts fast!

He was so blistering fast you can see the picture of Dan getting bandaged up after cutting both achilles from his wet shoes. We have our secret notes to enhance his performance for the next race and ultimately Nationals but he is where he needed to be today and rocked Fort DeSoto. So proud of this man!

Most importantly, I respect the hell out of this man and as a close friend I trust Dan with absolutely anything so coaching him is extra special.

– Add Health to Your Life

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