In My Ear or Over My Ear – Q1 2020

I’m not sure if a haircut is my near future with COVID-19 so for fun I looked at some old pictures when my hair was long, wavy and sometimes over my ears as this might be what the future holds for me. Will I be able to hear with my ears covered? Will I look younger or a bit bizarre? Why is there a picture of ex Buccaneer quarterback, Steve DeBerg, in the blog photo?

Here I share an answer to the final question and what stuck out to me that I’ve listened to or watched in the first quarter of the year ranging from health, performance, entertainment, and sports. I share a link to the content if you are interested and a brief note about each.



Entertainment – I needed a break this week after spending several weeks focused on COVID-19 topics so…


Maybe one of these will be of interest to you. They provided great value to me in either education or entertainment. I’m trying to manage the balance of educating myself along with alleviating stress through various inputs.

– Add Health to Your Life

*Blog Photo including the 70s and 80s hair – baseball and football photos when I was 11 years old, sitting in old Tampa Stadium at age 18, and DeBerg sporting some 80s hair coming out of the ball cap.




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