Developing & Deconstructing Habits

"Pretty much any of the results in your life are a lagging measure of your habits." This phrase is one of James Clear's favorites as he shares ways in which to develop or deconstruct habits enabling people to achieve results. Last week, I wrote about the relationship between our identities and habits in the blog,... Continue Reading →

Get 10% Happier

If you follow the equation in the photo you will be guaranteed to be 10% happier. OK, maybe not, but there is science illustrating by being mindful and practicing meditation you can reduce stress, boost your immune system, and be more focused. As Dan Harris states, this translates into the development of skills and behaviors... Continue Reading →

What’s In Your Ear?

Do you listen to anything when you are running or riding? If so, what do you listen to and does it change? If you don't, what are you thinking about? These are questions I asked the RunVie Racing and Total Fitness group Saturday morning prior to our run. As I expected there were a variety... Continue Reading →

Fall Training & Race Season Begins

“The biggest mistakes athletes make in training are not working hard enough on the hard workout days and working too hard on the easy workout days.” This statement was made by former pro triathlete and now endurance athlete coach Chris Hauth. It is one of the most significant lessons I learned that changed my focus... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Know John Joseph

This is my second blog where I have included in the title, "Why You Should Know..." The first was three weeks ago when I wrote about Why You Should Know Rich Roll. The power of Rich Roll is evident in today's blog as I found John Joseph via the Rich Roll Podcast. I'll never forget... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Know Rich Roll

Just announced - Men's Health Magazine has named vegan and ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll the 'Fittest Vegan On Earth' Men’s Fitness Magazine named Rich as one of the '25 Fittest Men in the World' Why should you know Rich Roll? Most important and selfish for me, he hosts the Rich Roll Podcast. Rich and his... Continue Reading →

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