30-Day Challenge – Planks

The September 30-Day Challenge was so much fun we are back with another. This time we will be tackling planks. Here I will share a brief recap of the September challenge and what lies ahead for those who want to join this most glorious test in November.

September 30-Day Challenge Recap – Wall Sits

The challenge only had a few guidelines. I provided tips on how to conduct the pose with a goal of holding it for a minimum of one minute per day. I also shared why to do it – promoting a healthy activity while having fun doing it. The creativity of pictures posted while sitting were fantastic! You can see them all on The Healthy Giraffe 30 Day Challenge Facebook page. If you don’t already have access to the page, send me an email (alangraff@theheatlhygiraffe.com) requesting you would like to join the group and gain access to the page. If you are new that means you are in for the November challenge…

Shout out to the Riccardi family who had the top three overall times for the 30 days! BJ pictured to the far right led the way with 73 minutes concluding with a 10 minute plank to finish the challenge…wow! That was followed by Brooke and Bart at 71 and 68 minutes respectively. BJ is quite the accomplished hockey goalie so I’m sure this was a good ritual to be taking on each day.

Next up – Planks

I am thinking these challenges will occur every other month to keep it fresh…not burn out. We will see how it goes…next up – Planks!

In August I was looking for something to help me focus on my core. I thought of my great friend, Elia, who planks on a daily basis simply to stay fit. I suggested I go for a 30-day challenge and for him to hold me accountable. I sent pictures of my phone timer showing the duration each day. Quickly I got into the routine and it was simply part of my day.

I then had some fun with it by taking goofy plank photos and asking my friends to do join me… This led to the idea of doing it as a group challenge for those who want to add a healthy habit and have fun with it. If you want more information on that challenge, you can read in more detail in the blog, My Planking Core.

What are Planks?

The Wikipedia definition seems to hit the mark – “The plank is an isometric core strength exercise that involves maintaining a position similar to a push-up for the maximum possible time.”

How to do a Plank?

There are several variations but I’ll share two for simplicity sake. The first is the traditional plank as described in the definition. The first photo below demonstrates this with detail in the caption on proper form. The third photo demonstrates how to do a side plank with an additional modification in the caption. If you desire to search for other variations please do so and share a photo of you doing it during the challenge.

Plank 30-Day Challenge Specifics

  • The challenge starts Friday, November 1 and concludes November 30
  • Hold the plank for a minimum of one minute per day; you can break it up for what works for you (ex. 3 x 20 seconds, 1 x 60 seconds, 2 x 45 seconds)
  • Track progress on the shared spreadsheet (optional via the Facebook Group page – if not a member email me as noted above)
  • Have fun with it! Share photos on the Facebook Group page
  • Awards:
    • Most creative picture
    • Most creative video
    • Most people doing a plank in a picture
    • Most overall time…can BJ & the Riccardi family repeat their clean sweep?

Note – I am having an independent third party choose the most creative picture and video…so don’t try to influence me…ha! Winners receive recognition and most important, self pride – priceless!

I will provide updates in the Facebook Group page…we start Friday!

Feet hip width apart, from ankles to the head as straight as you can hold it, elbows directly underneath at a 90 degree angle. Oh and matching shirts…
See, this is so much fun you can’t help but smile and laugh doing these, what a treat.
You can get adventurous and do a side plank. Stack your feet together and keep as straight of a line from your feet to head again without dipping. You can also extend your top arm straight above your head. Alternating from the downward pose to the side plank can also give you some relief and ability to extend your overall time without dropping down to take a break.
And of course just have some fun posing – here like a Superwoman type plank pose. I think this is the pose how she flies. We didn’t try to fly..would definitely get injured.

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