Road Trip to Nah Dogs

This Healthy Giraffe Road Trip took us to our first mobile establishment, Nah Dogs Vegan Hot Dog Cart. Owned by St. Petersburg residents, Jeff and Jenny Howe, they have created quite the following and filled a void in the Tampa Bay area with a superior product. Since going 100% plant-based over 3 1/2 years ago I know it’s been that and then some since my last hot dog. Now I found my fix.

Saturday they set up outside Bandit Coffee located on the ever transforming Central Avenue in St. Petersburg. When I arrived just before 1:00 pm they had a significant line that really didn’t subside the time we were there. On this hot afternoon it was great to have the option to eat inside Bandit Coffee. That also gave me an opportunity to order a fresh kombucha on tap. On this day they had Mother Kombucha’s Blue Rose. Mother Kombucha is also a St. Petersburg owned business. I love supporting local businesses!

Back to Nah Dogs…

In addition to their regular menu, their special for this event was the ‘Sin Paredes’ featuring jackfruit carnitas, pickled red onion, avocado lime sauce, garlic mayo (AKA white gold), and crunched plantain chips. I was ready to do some damage after a long run Saturday morning so I ordered the special and added a traditional dog for me, a simple hot dog with ketchup and mustard. I share a picture of their menu at the end of the blog. They have pre-arranged selections or you can create your own.

From a feature article in Creative Loafing earlier this year, they also share “the menu is 100-percent vegan and soy-based. Alongside weenies like the Yo Soy Dog covered in street corn salsa, cheese sauce, jalapeño and tortilla chips (most of the links feature some kind of crunch), vegan sausage and chili are on hand, too.”

The Healthy Giraffe contingent sprinkled through the early part of the afternoon Saturday. I received messages from those we missed and also coincidently crossed paths with another at Valhalla Bakery, also on Central Avenue for dessert.

I highly recommend Nah Dogs when you have a taste for a hot dog. You can follow them and identify where they will be on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

– Add Health to Your Life



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