Road Trip to Ohana Cafe

With December being a busy month preparing for the holidays and attending holiday gatherings, we ended the year with the final Healthy Giraffe event at Ohana Cafe for lunch Sunday afternoon. Ohana Cafe is located on Main Street in Dunedin just west of Keene Road.

When you enter the restaurant, you immediately feel the Hawaiian theme with the vast decor and positive vibe. The term ‘ohana’ means family; family means nobody gets left behind…or forgotten. What a great way to celebrate the final event of the year with the Giraffe community at a restaurant symbolizing family.

Ohana Cafe offers several options including serving breakfast all day, wraps, sandwiches, soups, salads, bowls, entrees, tacos and burritos. The cafe also states, “best of all, we offer delicious options that are gluten free, vegan and vegetarian!” I’ve enjoyed lunch and dinner at Ohana Cafe before but this was my first time ordering breakfast, taking advantage of the all-day offering. Check out the menu here.

On this day I ordered the Big Lucy Breakfast including three gluten-free pancakes, potatoes, and fruit. The pancakes were substantial and everything was very tasty. From previous visits and others raving, I would also recommend:

  • Sunshine Burger
  • Very Vegan Tacos
  • Loco Moco Vegan Style
  • Vegan Potato Salad
  • Organic Hummus

It was a fun lunch catching up on what’s going on in our lives. This was just hours after Elia placed third overall at the Holiday Halfathon so it was great to reflect on the accomplishment and celebrate another fabulous performance.

One theme dominating conversation was dealing with injuries, either current or coming off of being injured. Dr. Gerad Bogin’s name popped up several times treating several of us for these injuries. Dr. Bogin is an amazing doctor who understands both the physical and mental attributes of athletes. As he describes on his website, he has over 15 years experience treating professional, elite, and amateur athletes offering advanced specialized training in athlete-specific performance therapies.

I saw Dr. Bogin last year after a bike crash. I will never forget after two months from the crash. On this visit to Dr. Bogin he worked on breaking down the scar tissue that developed in the rib cage. I could not swim without pain up to that point. I walked out of the office a new man. I literally felt the relief and range of motion immediately after that treatment. I was back in the pool the next day ready to roll. What I really appreciate with Dr. Bogin is his ability to understand you as a person and athlete and how that intersects with the injury and outlook moving forward.

I will be heading back to the good doctor shortly after a similar injury and crash, this time in the chest region. I guess I should stay on my bike…

On the flip-side of the injury theme, it’s incredible that Betty has now surpassed 560 consecutive days of running at least three miles…wow! I think I can say Elia is mostly healthy after his consistent strong performances this season as well.

Injuries are a part of what we do but I think I can speak for our group that it is all worth it. We test our limits, learn a tremendous amount about who we are, promote health and fitness, and are part of one tremendous community.

– Add Health to Your Life


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