Proud to be an All-American

Recently USA Triathlon completed and announced the annual rankings for 2021 in Triathlete Magazine where I found myself ranked 3rd in the country and honored to be an All-American in the 50-54 Age Group in Duathlon (run-bike-run). I take nothing for granted and really appreciate the accomplishment.

Since starting this multi-sport lifestyle over seven years ago I have always honored, worked, and loved the process. There are no hacks in the grand scheme of things. Of course there are details that help us race faster, but make no mistake about it, it’s about the process. If you don’t honor and live the process, the results don’t come. Results are the outcome of the process. I worked my ass off…

With that said, I know 2022 will be most difficult as I am now the old man in the age group racing at 54. Gotta work the process and see what happens…it’s that simple. Control what I can control…

My tips if you are wanting to compete and it’s ok if you don’t want to compete as well:

  • Know your Why...Why do you want to compete? Anchor to this…
  • Identify your goals and A races for the year/season…Be thoughtful with planning (with breaks too)
  • Determine your process…Hire or consult with a coach if needed
  • Work your process with crazy discipline…There are no hacks
  • Celebrate your accomplishments…You worked hard and smart
  • Learn from your failures…Recognize and embrace failure to get better

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