In My Ear – Q1 2019

I have ample opportunity to listen to various things while I’m riding my bike, on a long run, driving the car and doing chores around the house. Previously I blogged about what I listen to and thought I’d provide updates periodically with what I find worthwhile. There may be something that may spark an interest with you that I have found. This ranges from health and wellness, performance, entertainment, music and more.

Please share what you like as well. I’m always looking for new things to explore. I found a new podcast since year-end and two bands that I’ve really enjoyed listening to that I’ll share in this blog. I’ll start with my “go to” shows where I check in daily to see if there is new content via podcasts and audio/video broadcasts. I’ll then share my favorite podcasts from the first quarter of the year, a book I recently finished, and finally I’ll share a high energy playlist I’ve used on the bike recently.

Podcasts and Audio/Video Regulars

These four shows I check daily to see if there is anything new that covers the range of health, wellness, and performance.

  • Rich Roll Podcast
    • My favorite and most significant resource in my education about health – complete game changer for me in my turnaround. Official podcast description – Each week Rich delves deep into all things wellness with some of the brightest and most forward thinking, paradigm busting minds in health, fitness, nutrition, art, entertainment, entrepreneurship & spirituality.
    • For more about Rich, here is a link of a previous blog I wrote – Why You Should Rich Roll.
    • This is a link to Alan’s Favorite Rich Roll Podcasts by guest and topic.
    • Rich has started posting podcasts to YouTube as well if you prefer to watch as well.
  • Exam Room Podcast
  • The Weekly Word Podcast
    • This is from Chris Hauth, Ironman Age Group World Champion, 2x Olympian, and Ultra-Endurance Coach.
    • Chris is Rich Roll’s coach. He provides in great detail things to consider when taking on what we do in multi-sport. I love his wisdom on managing life while also being an athlete.
  • Podcast
    • This is Dr. Michael Greger’s podcast where he dives deep into research and shares his analysis on nearly every aspect of healthy eating. The website is loaded with his reviews. New videos and articles are uploaded every day.
    • The podcasts also shared via YouTube and generally range between 4-6 minutes.

Favorite Podcast Episodes from Q1 2019

These are five episodes in the first quarter of the year that really stuck out to me:

  • Dr. Hana Kahleova – guest on the Exam Room Podcast. In the episode, What to Eat, When to Eat, she shares data, research and insight on what we should eat and when to eat. I have changed my approach since listening with success. I wrote about this last week in the blog, Fuel Your Body to Start the Day.
  • Mike Posner – guest on the Rich Roll Podcast, episode 431. Brilliant entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, producer and more. With all his success what makes him happy is living life to the fullest in the moment and not about material things. I found him to have a genuine boy-like innocence that was refreshing. He is getting ready to release a new album and instead of going on the prescribed tour to promote, he is walking across America. Literally he is going to take the next year to walk across America. If you go to his homepage you will see more about this…
  • Des Linden – I listened to Des on the Rich Roll Podcast last year, episode 375, and was blown away by her approach to running and life. Her acceptance of failure and learning from it was brutally honest and something I really gained insight from. She won the 2018 Boston Marathon in crazy conditions. As I’m approaching the USA Duathlon National Championship this Sunday I wanted to listen to Des again both for inspiration and to learn from her experiences. I searched and found another conversation via the Finding Mastery Podcast, episode 127, with host Dr. Michael Gervais, who ironically I found as a guest on the Rich Roll Podcast.
  • David Goggins – ex Navy SEAL who has one of the strongest minds I’ve come across. David was guest on the first episode of the year on of course, the Rich Roll Podcast, episode 413. The title of the episode says it all, You Can’t Hurt David Goggins: Going Beyond Motivation & Why Mindset Is Everything. I’ve learned a lot from David on the power of the mind to press perceived limits.
  • Larry Charles – total change up here. One day I wanted to listen to something completely for entertainment value. My brother told me about a podcast, Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast, with host Gilbert Gottfried who has  conversations with entertainment celebrities. I searched and found an episode with Larry Charles who was a writer and director on the TV shows Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. These are two of my favorites shows ever. He shares stories I never heard that certainly hit the spot.


I am in the middle of a couple books currently. I find listening to audio books while driving or on slow runs and long rides work for a bit of time. One book I finished recently was:

  • Living with a SEALEntertaining story of Entrepreneur, Jessie Itzler, who invites Navy SEAL, David Goggins, to live with him for 30 days. One rule – Jessie has to do EVERYTHING David tells him to do. It’s funny and peppered with how Jessie learns about himself going through this crazy month.

Jammin’ Playlist – Lady Artists

This is a playlist I put together recently as I accidentally came across two new artists (for me) that popped up on YouTube. Those two are Larkin Poe and Good Graeff. Unfortunately Good Graeff is not formally active but I love the energy from these twin sisters from Sarasota, FL. I’m hoping they get the itch to go active again.

Larkin Poe is really interesting. They are also sisters, two years apart, and are a mix of blues and rock. One of my favorite bands is The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band who has mastered blues-based rock in my opinion. These sisters can really rock it! They also have a neat bit of history as they are relatives to Edgar Allan Poe. Morgan and I get to see them play at SunFest 2019 in West Palm Beach in a few weeks so I’m getting pretty excited for that. My favorite 80’s band, Tears for Fears, is also playing right after Larkin Poe so it will be an epic night for sure!

Ellie Goulding and Lissie are two other lady artists I enjoy with amazing voices that complete the playlist. Anyway this mix of ladies with their energy has fueled me on recent rides. Let me know if you like.

I hope you find one of these listens useful to you. Again, please share what you like with me.

– Add Health to Your Life

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