Fueling A World Champion Dynamo

I challenge you to find anyone that is more of a dynamo than Celia Dubey. There are so many amazing facets that make up Celia that I asked her if we could do a two-part story. The first, today's story, is about Celia's history with food/nutrition from childhood to current day. It's a great story... Continue Reading →

A Perfect Healthy Father’s Day

Father's Day is my favorite day of the year. Yesterday was everything I hoped for spending the day with my daughter, Morgan. Here I will share about our day and how this embodies the spirit of The Healthy Giraffe. First, I want to start with honoring my dad who I think about often and how... Continue Reading →

Welcome Randall the Giraffe

I was recipient of a beautiful gift for my birthday recently. This being a symbolic adoption of a giraffe named Randall who resides in ZooTampa at Lowry Park. Giraffes of course have special meaning to me but this adoption elevated my knowledge and spirit around these most beautiful animals. Today I'll share what I have... Continue Reading →

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