Back to the Start Line via Siesta Key

Yesterday was a much anticipated day. After COVID-19 cleared the racing schedule since March, Sunday was my first race and it simply felt great to be on a start line again. With each race continuing to be in jeopardy of being canceled or postponed I now have contingency races for each of the ones I... Continue Reading →

Action Sets Mood

I use the phrase, Action Sets Mood, often and how I use it means to take action, even if it's the smallest action that results in feeling great. Don't let your mood dictate your actions...flip it. I first heard this phrase used by Rich Roll on his podcast and it just stuck with me. I... Continue Reading →

How & Why to Run at the Beach

Running on the beach can serve several purposes. Several times as I have walked away from the beach after a run I have thought to myself, "I need to do this more." Today I'll share a few reasons you may want to consider incorporating running at the beach into your plan and a few tips... Continue Reading →

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