Traveling Healthy – Erie

I flew yesterday for the first time in 16 months and from beginning to end, it was a 12 hour expedition in an airport or on a plane. Living a plant-based lifestyle, traveling presents a fun opportunity to figure out how to eat healthy. Here I share how I planned and executed a healthy day... Continue Reading →

Traveling Healthy – Blue Ridge (Part 1)

This year's summer vacation location, Blue Ridge, GA, was not on the original plan. My daughter, Morgan, and I were originally planning to continue our exploration of Canada by visiting Montreal and Ottawa. In 2016 we visited Vancouver and Whistler on the west coast while starting in Seattle. Last year we spent time in Toronto... Continue Reading →

Traveling Healthy – Ithaca

Traveling to Ithaca, NY to visit Cornell Law School was a great adventure in many ways. I was making this trip as Cornell has made the short list of law schools my daughter, Morgan, will choose from and begin attending this fall. I love figuring out how I will incorporate my training and eat healthy... Continue Reading →

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