Welcome to The Healthy Giraffe

I am excited to launch this website to provide resources, support and community in an effort to live a healthy lifestyle. I was quite unhealthy just a few years ago resulting in me making significant changes to my lifestyle. I am addicted to education on nutrition, fitness, performance, and mindfulness. I completed the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies – Plant-Based Nutrition – certificate program through Cornell University early in 2017. I’ve narrowed to two additional programs for 2018…more to come there.

The tagline – add health to your life – can mean just about anything in the spirit of when we add and continuing to add healthy things to our life we move less desirable things out. This can be nutrition, fitness, how we spend our time, etc.

I have heard this context in a few different venues. One coming from the Rich Roll podcast where he described how people struggle thinking they will be depriving themselves of foods they like vs. taking the mindset of adding healthy foods to their plate and seeing where it goes. I personally experienced this as I kept experimenting with adding healthier foods to my day. I began feeling terrible when I didn’t eat well and eventually eliminated the unhealthy foods off my plate, but it wasn’t all at once and I didn’t feel deprived.

So if it’s going out to walk one day a week, one block, running a 5k, eating one more serving of veggies in a day, it’s about adding good (healthy) things to our lives, not missing what we think we are going to miss.

Why a Giraffe? Besides ruling the triathlon circuit in Africa for hundreds of years, they live a plant-based lifestyle and have quite low cholesterol. OK, a bit of humor here and that’s my style. They are plant-based for real though and my last name, Graff, is inside the word, Giraffe. Pretty cool, huh?

I will blog often – nutrition (love to cook and find healthy food out), fitness (active triathlete) and share mindfulness resources where I can (new here). Please follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook through the icons at the top of the page as I post often there.

I will be hosting healthy events out of my place starting in January. Follow the Events on this website for more information.

I hope you enjoy the site and resources. Please send me a note for things you would like to see.



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